Negative Human Emotions

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As a gamer, I used to be baffled with the concept of “rage quitting”, because at the time, I wasn’t the kind of person who could be easily angered. I unconsciously converted my anger into sadness and tried to work from my failures into something a little more productive (if you can call gaming even more productive).

Nowadays though, I’ve lost my cool every now and then whenever someone wipes the floor with me at a game, or whenever someone does something stupid. There’s this incessant need to correct them, and I don’t mean to be a smartass or a know-it-all, but I couldn’t control the impulse to just try and tell them what to do and what not to do.

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What makes a person interesting?


This thought dawned upon me while I was playing a game called Sunless Sea. A terribly depressing game about how life would’ve been if London became a subterranean sea called “Fallen London” with weirdo lingo like “The Unterzee” “Zee Monsters”, scary-looking sea monsters and things that look like Cthulhu came and made a quick visit with the ladies, unidentified malevolent gods, cryptic messages, suspicious townsfolk and of course, talking rodents.

Now scary monsters in a setting where the sun literally doesn’t shine at any time of the day is fine and all but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

At some point while I braved the dark and terrible seas I came across a sea port far off north where it’s awful cold and rare it is that you’d find another ship there. Now every port I’ve come across is unique. I’ve been in a port where you literally have to wear a mask just so you could enter town and you have to “play a part” or something. I saw a port right next to a gigantic unidentified gyroscope-likeĀ  puzzle filled with rings spinning so fast and crazy that you could practically turn a whale into finger-sized sashimi. Hell, I’ve seen a port filled with those rodents I mentioned earlier, fighting amongst one another for a kingdom.


Meet Guinea Page of Pigmote Isle.

But in all the ports that I could trade supplies with, this one in particular was special. Why? Because they don’t use Echos (what passes off as currency in there) Continue reading “What makes a person interesting?”

Procrastination: My life’s never ending battle


Literally everything productive is a chore to me. Including writing this blog.

I realized recently that I write this blog whenever I have something else even more of a chore to do that needs to be done. My brain sure is a pain, I mean I’m a video game addict that finally got my habits down to only 2-3 hours a week and I still don’t have enough time to do much anything productive!

My room isn’t always a mess because I clean it whenever I have something else to do. Goes the same for my laundry, clothes, shoes, the files on my laptop. I try to do something productive but I do something else less productive.

I can’t really sleep properly either because anytime I’d have something to do, It’d be stuck in my mind and I’d tell myself to do it. I just end up not doing it and doing something else though.

I might even end up contemplatng about how human a sentient android who’s indiscernible from the real thing is. Like if it has a soul or feelings or is that all programming, or both. I think about crazy stuff when I have nothing else to do.

The ethics of human cloning too. I don’t really get how we’re playing god since we do the same thing when we have sex right? I mean old Chinese families would literally try until they have ten daughters to have one son back in the old days.

Or maybe it’s when you implant fake memories or turn them into slaves that’s unethical. Yes, there’s a big potential for it to be unethical, but the things you could do with it! Like test out diseases or replace the deceased. Wait, that’s unethical. Aah my head hurts!

Wait, what was I doing again? Oh right. I gotta get to that uh.. thing I gotta do. Again.

Video Games

L6VMd3As of writing this blog post, my “I” key has been broken due to playing video games too much.

What’s your favorte vdeo game? My first video game was Chrono Trigger. Back when I was a wee laddie, I saw my much bigger brother play it and it looked so cool when the characters did all those crazy stuff with their weapons. In particular, there was this battle where this red-haired spiky dude flew up to the sky and slashed this giant skeleton monster and suddenly this biggo ice rock appeared out of nowhere.

I was a kid at the time so when I tried playing somethng that complicated, I sucked balls and couldn’t get past the third boss. My brother then proceeded to give me his New Game+ and I started kickin’ ass like there was no tomorrow.

The graphics was what hooked me in. It was a complicated game and a 4-year old couldn’t have possibly figured out the game mechanics of elements, item effects and efficient party management. The cool anime-esque retro graphcs though, oh man. The effects too, with those fire, lightning and ice magics and stuff. Not to mention the cool story, landscape, the background music. It wasn’t after I was a bit older that I could fully appreciate and enjoy the game. When I replayed the game as an older teen, I realized how awesome this game is compared to the rest of the games I’ve played. I didn’t even know about the Final Fantasy series and I thought FFVI was practically just a Chrono Trigger knockoff (granted they were made by the same creators)

Jump forward a decade and a half and I’m still playng video games. The stuff is wonderful, addictive and it’s an entertainment media that’s pretty special. It immerses you in so many different worlds in roles that you would never imagine. Tell you such wonderful stories in so many different angles in a way so much better than a book, movie or TV show ever could. Video games is even slowly evolving to a point where you can make money out of just playing video games. E-Sports and streaming live, Youtube. Maybe someday I might make a living off of it too.


Of course everything is good in moderaton. Video games has its bad points too. It’s so good that it’s addictive, and it can really affect your life if you don’t control the habit. After all, it’s so good that people have died over playing too long, and it’s not even unusual at this point to hear about someone dying after god knows how many hours of non-stop gaming.


Still, I can never forget the story of that kid who bumped into a princess, got locked away for stuff he didn’t do by an evl chancellor and then suddenly had to save the future because a giant porcupine that crash-landed onto the earth during the tme dinosaurs walked the earth decided to shoot needles everywhere.

What was your frst video game?