Procrastination: My life’s never ending battle


Literally everything productive is a chore to me. Including writing this blog.

I realized recently that I write this blog whenever I have something else even more of a chore to do that needs to be done. My brain sure is a pain, I mean I’m a video game addict that finally got my habits down to only 2-3 hours a week and I still don’t have enough time to do much anything productive!

My room isn’t always a mess because I clean it whenever I have something else to do. Goes the same for my laundry, clothes, shoes, the files on my laptop. I try to do something productive but I do something else less productive.

I can’t really sleep properly either because anytime I’d have something to do, It’d be stuck in my mind and I’d tell myself to do it. I just end up not doing it and doing something else though.

I might even end up contemplatng about how human a sentient android who’s indiscernible from the real thing is. Like if it has a soul or feelings or is that all programming, or both. I think about crazy stuff when I have nothing else to do.

The ethics of human cloning too. I don’t really get how we’re playing god since we do the same thing when we have sex right? I mean old Chinese families would literally try until they have ten daughters to have one son back in the old days.

Or maybe it’s when you implant fake memories or turn them into slaves that’s unethical. Yes, there’s a big potential for it to be unethical, but the things you could do with it! Like test out diseases or replace the deceased. Wait, that’s unethical. Aah my head hurts!

Wait, what was I doing again? Oh right. I gotta get to that uh.. thing I gotta do. Again.