What makes a person interesting?


This thought dawned upon me while I was playing a game called Sunless Sea. A terribly depressing game about how life would’ve been if London became a subterranean sea called “Fallen London” with weirdo lingo like “The Unterzee” “Zee Monsters”, scary-looking sea monsters and things that look like Cthulhu came and made a quick visit with the ladies, unidentified malevolent gods, cryptic messages, suspicious townsfolk and of course, talking rodents.

Now scary monsters in a setting where the sun literally doesn’t shine at any time of the day is fine and all but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

At some point while I braved the dark and terrible seas I came across a sea port far off north where it’s awful cold and rare it is that you’d find another ship there. Now every port I’ve come across is unique. I’ve been in a port where you literally have to wear a mask just so you could enter town and you have to “play a part” or something. I saw a port right next to a gigantic unidentified gyroscope-likeĀ  puzzle filled with rings spinning so fast and crazy that you could practically turn a whale into finger-sized sashimi. Hell, I’ve seen a port filled with those rodents I mentioned earlier, fighting amongst one another for a kingdom.


Meet Guinea Page of Pigmote Isle.

But in all the ports that I could trade supplies with, this one in particular was special. Why? Because they don’t use Echos (what passes off as currency in there) Continue reading “What makes a person interesting?”